The Glanton Solutions Team

We Can Deliver

To deliver contented customers, service and quality are at the heart of everything we do. We are a close knit team with global reach and great experience. We are plugged in to the right networks to be able to staff up to meet project demands or to call in world class domain experts when needed. That’s how we continue to solve big problems as a small company. We partner with leading CMS solution providers such as DNN Corp and Elcom but we always choose the best solution for the problem.

Who We Are

The Glanton Team

John Royle has over 30 years IT experience, including the past 9 with DNN. An engineering graduate, John soon moved into IT taking the traditional route from programmer, through analysis and design to project management and consultancy. He founded Glanton Solutions in 2005 with Ian Sampson. John is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional and qualified Project Manager.

Ian Sampson is based in Australia and is the Technical Director and co-founder of Glanton Solutions Ltd. Ian is an expert on security and authentication and sits on the DNN working panel for security. Originally a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, Ian is now a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. He enjoys solving real world business problems using cutting edge technology and bridging the gap between businesses and IT.

Anmar Tawfik is responsible for technical support across a range of high profile clients and the development of dynamic websites and intranet sites using ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Databases. As a Senior Web Developer Anmar has a proven track record in solutions management and technical support expertise with over 12 years of experience. Anmar also manages our servers and VMs with SQLs, IIS, and Active directory within a Windows 2003/2008 environment and Azure. He is highly proficient in DNN up to v7, customization, skinning, developing new Modules, site installations, upgrade and configurations. 

Eddy Crompton is our UK Technical Manager responsible for UK/European support. Eddy has over 30 years experience covering all levels within the project life cycle, applied to a variety of software projects, including Oracle, ERP, SAP, Financial, Air Traffic Control, petro-chemicals, avionics, e-commerce. Eddy has outstanding knowledge of systems engineering and assurance, standards, QA procedures, testing at all levels, implementation, migration and support. He understands business implications of system implementations. Attention to detail, supported by the appropriate application of quality procedures have been a dominating feature of the approach taken to project work and provision of consultancy services.

Amisha Dalwadi is based in Houston and is in charge of managing all of our North American accounts including Level 1 global support. Amisha has over 20 years of IT experience including social media. Amisha is our training partner in the U.S. and is responsible for the maintenance and content for many of our enterprise clients in the U.S. Amisha is currently studying for her MBA.

Brent Lacey is our Australian Operations Manager responsible for our custom solutions and our in-house development projects. With 10 years experience as a development consultant and team leader he has experience running waterfall and agile projects and is a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. With a passion for solutions on the Microsoft platform he has a variety of experience leading in house and distributed teams to create tailored solutions in a number of fields. Formally working in areas of development in Science and Research, Pathology and Radiology, Engineering and Construction, Sales and Marketing and Business Intelligence. 

Heidi Parkinson is based in Australia and has vast experience with the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of content management systems to enhance business objectives. Heidi also picks up global support and content management requests. She is a highly skilled certified trainer & assessor utilising a strong business background across multiple disciplines.

Barry Waluszko is based in Poland and provides high quality technology solutions with a strong focus on customer service. Barry is our senior Active Directory developer and the technical lead on our AD-Pro suite of modules.

Experienced. Global. Agility.

We practice what we preach and our entire organisation runs in the cloud, leveraging best of breed, integrated solutions. Our business, contract management and support runs on Salesforce™ giving us a unified 360 degree view of our customers. We collaborate with Google™Apps for Business. Our Agile projects are run on JIRA. The exploitation of web technologies drives everything we do. We can do it for you too.

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