Cutomer Case Study

The Client:

Teaming up with Hitachi, Glanton took on one of the UK's largest premium club operators, overseeing 53 bars in London, a large proportion of its business comes through pre-booked online sales. The client was looking to streamline their operations with the re-envisioning of their IT infrastructure and assistance in tying together their online user communities to a single back-end system.

Problem Space: 

  • To optimize their DNN installation and obtain quality support for their investment in DNN in supporting their multiple vendors with a large collaborative online presence.
  • To consolidate their back end systems via the migration to an updated CRM system, in utilising Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Simplify their existing architecture to eliminate the use of custom modules and enabled the streamline production of new sites.

Our Approach:

  • To enable the future expansion of their increasing online audience and stabilise their installation, we would establish a new installation of DNN with Support for High Availability. We would decrease the use of multiple vendor modules down to the strongest suites and worked with the vendors to ensure all features had full support for a load balanced environment.
  • To ensure a smooth transition of their back end systems, we would split the legacy sites away from the initial greenfield site to establish a base without the reliance on the existing bespoke modules. This would act as a test bed for establishing new interfaces with the new Dynamics CRM system. A queue system would be utilised to enable the reliable messaging between independent systems.
  • The existing custom modules would be catalogued and moved to source control in an effort to bolster a strong historical change management process to facilitate a prolonged migration project. The base of the site would be designed with a core display framework to enable the re-use of components for future sites. The client identity management would be offloaded from the front end sites to the back-end CRM. 


  • In separating out the existing sites and establishing a green field site we were able to test the new changes in isolation and mitigate the risks of a large migration and successfully establish the new system.
  • With the rationalizing of the architecture of the sites, we were able to cut down the time required to establish future sites and reduce the code maintenance costs with the reuse of the one core display library.
  • By establishing the registration and synchronization of client logins out to the single back end CRM end point we removed data duplication and the establishment of separate client data silos which would allow easy data mining of customer activity for the marketing team.

Stewart Cruickshank

John and his team proved very knowledgeable on DotNetNuke. They combined this with a professional approach and a strong delivery-focus.

This enabled us to successfully integrate DNN with our CRM system to create a true eCRM system. It also enabled us to launch a large number of websites quickly, including the very successful Lewis & Clarke sites such as the Gable, where we tripled web traffic and web sales.

Our Capabilities

"We specialise in implementing web content management systems built on DNN and extended to provide a 'best of breed' suite of intranet and extranet web publishing, collaboration and social networking tools."

Glanton installs DNN on-premise or in the cloud, following best practice based on years of experience to ensure optimum security, reliability and performance. We ensure your sites are wrapped in your corporate branding, integrated with your security model, compliant with your legal and operating standards and that your staff are fully trained and supported by our 24x7 global team of specialists.

We offer: site building and maintenance services; photography; graphic design; training and, copy writing. We pride ourselves on the quality and personal touch of our service.

Glanton has a strong global network of experts who specialize in delivering great websites and web applications utilizing DNN. Everything from simple brochure websites through to government to international enterprise sites that require 24/7 availability integrated into corporate systems.

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