22 Dec 2014

eBooks and White Papers

eBooks and White Papers

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  • Take a look at the attached eBooks and White Papers from DNN Corp.

  • Blend Content and Community to Create Truly Interactive Websites

    Selling Evoq Suite.

    This eBook was created from a post that we published to the DNN corporate blog earlier.

    It helps sell the value proposition of Evoq Suite in a subtle way (i.e. without pitching the product outright).

    Topics covered include: the demise of organic reach on Facebook, why user-generated content helps with SEO and why interactive websites are engaging to site visitors.

    Navin conveyed the following to Sales: "You need to internalize this enough so you can converse and consult with prospects on this, with ease and confidence!"

  • 5 Keys to Launching a Killer Website

    Selling Evoq Content or Evoq Suite.

    This may be our favorite white paper cover of 2014 ;-)

    We want to attract net-new leads with this asset. As people look to launch a new website (or, re-launch an existing website), we hope they'll download this asset.

    After all, launching a new site can be a "trigger event" to deploy a Web CMS - or, to migrate from an existing CMS to one that better serves the client's needs.

    Covered in this eBook: website design trends for 2015, how a CMS improves SEO, using mobile-responsive design and creating a detailed QA plan.

  • Top Trends in Web CMS for 2015

    Selling Evoq Content or Evoq Suite.

    Previously, we published a white paper titled "Top Trends in Web CMS for 2013." It was a popular asset that helped us generate net new leads (from our website, paid search ads and content syndication).

    We skipped a top trends report for 2014, so we really wanted to get one done ahead of 2015.

    Top trends for 2015 include: personalization, the move to the cloud, purpose-built CMS (vs. "one size fits all").

  • 10 Common Website Scenarios That Make a Web CMS Essential

    Selling Evoq Content or Evoq Suite.

    Another example of an eBook created from a blog post (that's a trick that Marketers leverage: re-purpose and re-use!).

    This asset can be particularly useful for prospects NOT currently using a Web CMS.

    The eBook goes through a number of scenarios facing web managers, then highlights features of a Web CMS (e.g. Evoq Content) that address the scenario.

    One approach would be to use this to get the conversation started (about Web CMS), then upsell into a larger opportunity around Evoq Suite.

  • The Data-Driven Community Manager

    Selling Evoq Suite.

    This asset was originally developed to support leads / sales of Evoq Social, back when we sold that offering as a standalone product.

    The eBook goes into some detail on which metrics community managers should use to manage their branded, online community.

    Metrics covered include: active members, return visitors, influence score, reputation score.

    It could be useful in Evoq Suite sales, especially when engaged with folks from the client's Marketing team.

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