28 Apr 2014

Glanton Site Refresh

Glanton Site Refresh

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Glanton Solutions has continued to expand it personnel and product offerings in 2014. So to cater for our expanding portfolio of  products and support we are very excited to relaunch the Glanton Solutions website. 

In a modern day market place of competitive online tool-kits, the decision to buy, build or integrate your next project is greater than ever. That's why Glanton aims to take some of the hassle out of this decision making process, with the inclusion of our two new sections Solutions and Products.

In the coming weeks we will be presenting at CeBIT and elaborating on our new solutions category where we will continue to expand on introducing our new Content'ed Customer system strategy. Defining an approach on specific industry vertical solutions which we think can take you from zero to hero in your fight for IT spending efficiency. We take our tried and tested solutions to "Converse", "Convert" and "Connect" your customers to your business.

In our Products category we have started by covering the key new product additions we have chosen to add to our full suite of project and assistance services. From our continued investment in research and training in these products we can provide the best pathways to put your hard earned IT budget to work for you. In our upcoming articles we will include a brief summary on why we think they deserved inclusion in our new product line up.  Each of the products has been selected as our choice of the best of breed cloud products on the market today.  

The first entry in this list acts as the backbone to our business automation, the closest thing we have found to a Swiss army knife of business software solutions. Salesforce has continued to reinvent itself into a powerful platform every customer should have. Known for its popular cloud CRM product, Salesforce has expanded over the years from their strong entry in the Customer Relationship Management market, to providing a complete platform to complement all facets of business.

Learn more about Salesforce now from our new product pages and see why it has become the number one adopted cloud platform : Salesforce

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