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What is the Content'ed Customer?

The IT landscape is changing from new devices, to new platforms, new communication tools and to new approaches. Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service?

How do you find, integrate and adapt this technology fast enough to your online web presence to keep your customer content'ed?

To have contented customers you need more than a website, you need a Contented Management System. A collection of digital tools and processes to converse, convert and connect with your customers.

Glanton believes in not only you, but keeping your customers Content'ed with our Content'ed Management System approach.

How Do I Go About Building A System For My Customers?


The three steps to contentment

When you have a Contented Management System - A collection of digital tools and processes to converse, convert and connect with your customers; you need a robust web platform to meet your needs, expertly implemented and integrated across all aspects of your business, from digital marketing to commerce through to sales and support.

The Content'ed Management System

Your choice of CMS is important; it is where you will create and present your content and it is where your clients will interact with you. But look beyond the features of the CMS itself and consider your hosting and infrastructure requirements. Think about how it will behave on mobile and how you will manage the installation and monitor performance and metrics. Glanton specialises in selecting and implementing web platforms and applications designed to connect you to your customer using the ‘best of breed’ suite of web publishing, collaboration, secure social and customer management tools. All implemented, and fully supported, by Glanton’s global network of industry specialists.

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