Assistance Blocks

Assistance Blocks are pre-paid blocks of time that provide a simple way for us to quickly step in and help you when you need it for smaller tasks. This encompasses ad hoc technical support, training, design, content management, upgrades, module installs or even small projects. Block hours are a win-win because it allows us to respond to your needs fast and you save money because we offer a standard, lower average rate. Because we're specialists in what we do - we can do things faster and to a higher standard than you would, without a steep learning curve and time away from your normal day job. Any time we spend is allocated against your available hours.  Any unused time will be rolled over if you buy a new Assistance Block.

What is covered?
Technical Support Once a site is commissioned, systems will run smoothly but, occasionally, small technical problems will emerge. Our technical team are on hand to find out what's going wrong and will step in and fix things for you
Infrastructure Support Aside from the code your website needs a web server with an operating system, a database, a data connection and all the accompanying networking required. We can assist and advise when these components aren't working as they should be,
Training As a site administrator or editor, you need to be proficient in managing your users and content and in getting the most out of your system. If you are a new site administrator or editor, we'll run though a rapid coaching program tailored to you, on your site and within a time frame that suits you to get you to this level.
Content Management If you are out of time, short of resources or going on leave and need your site content updated, then Glanton offer a full content management service. Email content@glanton with your content change requests and related documents and media, and we will make the changes for you.
User Assistance Rather than spending hours searching for the answer to those "How do I...?" type questions, email us and we'll tell you.
Design Need a new skin or container or a home page refresh? Or even a simple graphic to freshen up an article? Give us an idea of what you want and we'll create something stunning.
Block Options
Starter Standard Extended    
1 5 10+    
Valid for
1 Month 6 Months 1 Year    
Technical Standard Standard    
Work Day A standard work day is 8 hours.
Time spent If any single task raised is expected to take more than a day of time, we'll send you through an estimate first of how long we think it will take.