Product, Plugin or Platform?

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Product Selection 

The right platform product decision can mean the difference between a business running towards success or long term IT pain. That's why our Glanton product consultants are always on the lookout for the best of breed SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and integration tools to connect you to the right solution for your industry.

Browse our preferred products lists (below) to learn more about how we can put them to work for you.

DNN Application Framework (CMS)

DNN Application Framework (CMS)

DNN is our CMS Platform of choice for flexibility. With the power of an open source community behind it and the product catalogue of a vibrant application store, customising DNN to meet our customers needs has been the mainstay of our business from Glanton's inception, as it provides an inclusive suite of best-in-class tools and capabilities. Backed by DNN Corp and trusted by over 500,000 businesses world wide, ask us today how we can harness the power of DNN for you.


Salesforce SaaS Platform (CRM)

Salesforce is the fasting growing SaaS platform and the leader in CRM. Salesforce is a 'software as a service platform' offering that can empower your sales growth and facilitate your business process needs. With the power to innovate on your business needs, Salesforce is empowering companies big and small with the modern big business tool kit, all at the fraction of the cost. Ask us what we can do with Salesforce for your business today.

Universal Platform Toolkit

Universal Platform (Integration as a Service) Toolkit

Universal Platform provides the visibility and toolkit for all your integration and sychronization needs. With the need for an arsenal of Saas products in your toolkit, glueing these products together can be tedious and complicated, turning quickly into a tech heavy task. Learn more about Universal Platform with Glanton now, to simplify your collaboration needs and eliminate your data silos!


ElcomCMS Application Framework (CMS)

ElcomCMS is the platform of choice for our large enterprise clients looking for a one stop shop for a web platform with strong compliance and configuration options focused on providing education and training facilities and an innovative marketing toolkit to take your business to the next level, all from the one product platform. The benefit of elcom's elcomCMS platform is that it has the functionality to grow with your business. Learn more about what the ElcomCMS Platform can do for you, today!

AD-Pro Suite

AD Pro Identity Integration Suite For Active Directory

Originally built for one one of our first enterprise customers, the AD Pro range meets all the modern needs of enterprise customers looking to integrate their Active Directory Identity management into the DNN platform. With a simple setup and rich feature set, the AD Pro range has become the go to solution in the DNN community. Ask Glanton how you can remove your identity management duplication and start self servicing your Active Directory needs today.

Customer Connect for Salesforce

Customer Connect for Salesforce

Unlock the power of your Salesforce platform with one simple integration from your CMS (DNN) to your CRM system. Go beyond initial customer contact with simple web to lead forms and imagine taking your customer registrations and enabling them access to any number of salesforce apps and features with Customer Connect. With this powerful link created our users have opened the doorway to endless possibilities, from simple customer registration forms to complex quotation wizards. Backed up by Glantons simple configuration policy, you can started in minutes. Ask us today how we can open your Salesforce investment to a true customer portal or how you can turbo charge your DNN investment with a Salesforce integration today.