Support Plans

Our Support plans are designed to give you peace of mind know that we will be there to support you when you need. We securely record your site details in our support system and ensure we always have one of our team available to quickly step in and assist when things go wrong. Similar to an insurance policy, you choose the level of support and response that suits your needs. 

Bronze Level - For business sites where you need the peace of mind knowing you have a trusted partner by your side.
Silver Level - For more complex site installations essential to your business.
Gold Level - Registered contacts simply email us and our systems match you up with your site and entire history with us.

Area Description Option Bronze Level  Silver Level   Gold Level
Method How you contact us.* Registered contacts simply email us and our systems match you up with your site and entire history with us.  Yes Yes Yes
Hours What hours do expect support staff to be online Our Help-desk is monitored 24x5 Monday 9am AEST (Australia) to Friday 5pm GMT (UK) Yes Yes Yes
Response time The max time within which we triage the ticket The Maximum Response Time - which we guarantee a real person will attend to your raised case. (But we're usually much quicker!)  24 Hours 8 Hours 2 Hours
Scope What types of tickets should we assist in resolving Severity 1 Support - your website is unavailable to your site visitors, business operations are severely affected or users Users are seeing critical web errors on screen.   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Services What maintenance services are provided DNN & Evoq Health-Check* - we check the current state of your installation to ensure all settings are optimal and that the site is running properly.    N/A Annual Half Yearly
    Site monitoring* - Alerting services for monitoring site downtime. By Request By Request Yes
Telephone Support We do not provide telephone support, however if you do experience a "Severity 1" event where your site is unavailable or an error is causing a MAJOR disruption to your business, then please call us ASAP after you have emailed a support request. Contact numbers are provided on our website (www.glanton.com). If you have a "severity 1" event that is caused by something outside of the website application (e.g. a network outage) , then we reserve the right to charge for the time spent in troubleshooting on your behalf..
Site monitoring  Provided the site is exposed to the internet and our external monitoring services.
Healthcheck The Health Check is the comparison of your DNN installation against a set of best practises established by Glanton based on our many years of supporting large scale DNN installations and our position as a DNN Partner. It is a static analysis of key settings relating to DNN, and its modules, which are reviewed against these best practises to ensure optimal performance of your site.
Production Instances The support agreement covers a single application instance. This includes all child portals as well as the related non-Production instances on other servers (e.g. development, acceptance testing, staging, web farm and disaster recovery instances of the production site)
Onboarding and Client Point of Contact When we enter into a support contract with you, we will need to do an assessment and technical discovery analysis to check the site configuration, review the modules you have installed and ensure that we are able to support your configuration. We will then document your site configuration for our support systems and implement a support process. Typical you will need to nominate a single point of contact within your organisation who will escalate issues to us. Additional contacts can be added by negotiation.