Introducing Customer Connect For Salesforce


We put the customer at the centre of every design we do. Your CMS might not be the ideal location to house your customer information once your business grows beyond your basic marketing site. That's why we've worked hard to deliver our new Customer Connect module range; to seamlessly shift your customer out of your CMS and into CRM where they belong.

How Does It Work?

Customer Connect establishes a link between Salesforce and DNN, using Salesforce as an independent user repository. Customer Connect enables new user registrations through DNN to be stored and managed directly to your Salesforce account. With our easy user configuration, you can sync access roles between Salesforce and DNN, enabling instant security to your premium web content. 

Existing Salesforce customer lists can be instantly synced to DNN to open up your very own integrated customer portal. You could enable e-commerce providing easy bill management through your branded marketing site. Enable your marketers to work from a single platform and never import/export your users between silos again. Open custom support facilities to your internal registered user groups. The possibilities all start here.

We are very excited about this new product. It is very near completion in our Glanton Labs. Register your interest today and get a 50% early adopter discount and be first in line to request key features you want.