Evoq Social

The world is going social...Every day Internet users share 4 billion items on Facebook, 200 million items on Twitter and 1 billion items on Google+. Social has become a fundamental aspect of Internet life with over 90% of online adults using the social web daily.

It has altered the decision path for customers – the way they think, act and buy.If your business isn’t actively focusing on social communities you are missing opportunities for connections, engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Evoq Social lets you shift your customer conversations from monologue to dialogue.

But it’s not enough to simply have a Facebook or Twitter presence. You need to build social communities into your site, so you can more effectively engage the market, manage the conversation – and control the information.

Users expect a more direct interaction with brands they care about and customers are investing time directly on businesses’ social communities. Evoq Social harnesses the opportunity for you to build community capabilities seamlessly into your existing website using a unique integrated CMS and Social solution.

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