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I Have a CMS, Do I Really Need a CRM?

Customer relationships are vital to business growth and to emulate that traditional face to face tailored experience companies need to be on top of their virtual client needs in connecting the right customer to the right product at the right time. The best businesses are putting customers back at the focal point of their business decisions and pushing the adoption of CRM as the new hub to all customer interaction.
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Is Salesforce the Right CRM For My Needs?

Sales are the first and most important touch point for your customer. Edging out SAP, Salesforce has taken the lead in the CRM market, hosted solely in the cloud, they present a product based on a low tech, high value return and lead the industry in the provisioning of their cloud services. Their newest iteration of their CRM platform, Salesforce1, focuses on the Internet of Things and mobile accessibility. Salesforce is also continuing their push into social markets, with features like Chatter, their enterprise social network.

Isn't Salesforce just CRM?

No. This is often the misconception that stops businesses really unlocking the Salesforce 1 platform to its full potential. Did you know that when your on the Salesforce 1 platform you have the keys to turn on your own customisable company mobile Applications? Take a big business approach and open an API gateway to automate supplier or customer orders? Activate a company wide social message or notification and activity tracking system to rival the biggest enterprise companies in the world? This is just the start with Salesforce developer customisation at your fingertips you can take advantage of these point and click features to customize your Salesforce 1 Platform today. Ask us how?

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Does It Have The Features To Meet My Future Needs?

The Salesforce AppExchange houses the largest add-on library of online business plugins, to build your business platform to meet your wider company need. The lines between big business ERP and CRM systems are blurring. Your customer sales relationship is critical to converting your customer but your service teams are key to keeping them on board. Tracking a customers touch points through your business process allows your business to track and improve performance to ensure you deliver the best possible service through the most efficient manner. Ask us how?


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